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Should I Get a Kitchen Cabinet Refacing or Refinishing?

Upgrading your kitchen storage units can be a wise investment that yields many benefits. Scheduling this home improvement project with professional contractors can help increase storage space, improve organization, and make preparing meals and entertaining guests more manageable and enjoyable. It can also enhance your cooking space's aesthetic appeal.

When scheduling this home improvement task, you may encounter two standard terms: kitchen cabinet refacing or refinishing. However, as you search for different ways to revamp the heart of your home, you may ask yourself, "What's the difference between the two, and how will I know the best choice for my cooking space's storage units?"

If you're ready to make informed choices for your area, this article will differentiate kitchen cabinet refacing and refinishing. We'll also enumerate some signs you should reface your storage units.

What Is Cabinet Refacing?

Cabinet refacing is a way to improve your kitchen cabinets without changing their design or arrangement. It involves replacing the doors, drawer fronts, and hardware with new materials and adding a veneer to the cabinet boxes. It's a budget-friendly alternative to replacing the entire cabinet unit, giving your cabinets a fresh look without spending much money.

Also, refacing your storage units allow you to change your cabinets' appearance without completely renovating your kitchen. It saves time and money and eliminates the need for moving electrical or plumbing.

What Is Cabinet Refinishing?

On the other hand, cabinet refinishing works by restoring cabinets by taking them apart, cleaning them, sanding them, and applying a fresh finish coat. You can do it only on the cabinet doors or the entire cabinet. Unlike cabinet refacing, which involves replacing the doors and drawer fronts, refinishing involves repainting or restaining the existing doors and drawers.

However, refinishing has limitations as it only allows for changes in the storage units' appearance, while refacing changes the door style and type of wood used.

3 Warning Signs to Reface Your Kitchen Cabinets

Your kitchen storage units deserve to get a makeover, even if it's through simple procedures. After differentiating the two procedures, here are some red flags to reface your cabinets.

1. You Don't Like Your Cabinets' Style

Refacing your cabinets is a popular way to give your home a fresh look. Whether your storage units are old-fashioned or tired of the door styles you picked years ago, refacing them can instantly enhance their appearance. When you replace the doors, change the colour, and update the hardware, you can transform your outdated cabinets into a modern and stylish focal point in your kitchen.

2. The Doors Are Warping

Warped doors are a common cabinet problem, regardless of the material used. Even solid wood doors can warp due to natural changes in temperature and humidity, causing them to expand and contract. This issue can result in cracks in the joints or warping of the doors.

On the other hand, manufactured doors made of materials like Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) or melamine are unaffected by breathing issues. However, they can still be prone to warping if exposed to water damage.

Regardless of the material used, distortion can lead to problems like the doors rubbing against each other or not closing properly. When you notice this on your cabinet doors, you must consider replacing them.

3. There's Excessive Door Damage

Kitchen cabinets can get damaged because people use them often, especially the doors. If they're in bad shape, replace them instead of just painting over them because applying a fresh paint coat won't hide any cracks or other damage.

Meanwhile, you can reface the cabinet doors to give your storage units a new look if the main parts of the cabinets are still in good condition.


Deciding between kitchen cabinet refacing or refinishing can be tricky, but you should do so to enhance your cooking space's aesthetic appeal. You can revamp your storage units without breaking the bank by watching for warning signs and working with professional contractors.

If you need professional cabinet refacing in Saskatoon for your kitchen, contact Vilness Millwork Solutions Ltd! Our expert team is committed to helping your storage units get a new look in days. Book a consultation now!

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